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A New Home for ES5Conform

The goal of the ES5Conform CodePlex project was to build a suite of tests for new features added in the 5th edition of the ECMAScript language specification. As this test suite matured, it became desirable to extend it with tests for features added in earlier versions of the ECMAScript standard that are still present in the 5th edition today. A comprehensive test suite for the 5th edition in its entirety is extremely useful for JavaScript implementers.

To achieve this goal, the tests from ES5Conform (which were focused on ECMAScript 5) have been contributed along with Google’s Sputnik tests (focused on ECMAScript 3) to Test262, a test suite supported by the ECMAScript committee. To this end, all active development on ES5Conform has been migrated to test262 and test defects are now tracked on Other improvements were made in the transition to test262, and the best example of this is that the entire test suite is conveniently runnable directly from the test262 website. Also worth pointing out is that development of test262 is now an actual project of the TC39 committee, and test262 resides in the web domain. You can find more info about test262 on its official website,, or via the test262 mailing list - see Finally, the original version of ES5Conform's CodePlex project page has been archived here.

We thank everyone whose contributed to ES5Conform over the years, and hope you’ll bring the same passion for a standardized web to the test262 effort.

The ES5Conform Team

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